Just a heads up to let everyone know that the team is going to be taking time off here and there from now through the new year and some of us will have limited internet access. In any case, some of us will be checking the forums every now and then but our responsiveness may be somewhat slow until the new year has begun.

Big Plans for New Year

While we have accomplished some amazing things in 2006, we have even bigger plans for 2007 and we are hopeful that our community will continue to accelerate in it’s growth and that ThinWire can become the standard for developing Ajax RIA applications, especially in Java. To make that happen, I’d like to take a minute to remind everyone that this is truly an open-source and community driven project.

Unlike some of the other commercial entities that have released there code under an open source license as a gimmick to attract developers and press, all in the hopes of getting revenue through indirect means. I personally have been driving the framework to an increasingly open-source, community oriented existence… not because I think we’re all going to get rich from this, but because I know we have made something great with this framework and I felt obligated to share what we had done with others who could use it. You see, I use many open source tools and products myself and I thought it was time to give something back to the community.

Lots of Ways to Contribute

With that said, I really want to instill in those who use the framework, that you are responsible for it’s long-term success. The team we have working on ThinWire has accomplished great things and will continue to innovate by adding great things to the framework in 2007, but ultimately, it’s up to you to help us grow. Therefore, I’d like to ask everyone’s help in making that possible. There are a number of ways that anyone can contribute to the future of ThinWire. Here are some thoughts:

  1. First and foremost, if you like ThinWire and you want to help to keep innovation in the framework strong, tell everyone you know about it! If you come across a website talking about Ajax and it doesn’t include a mention of ThinWire, drop a quick comment about us. If you know an industry contact, drop them a note to let them know about us. Find a press contact and shout out to them about how the framework has helped you succeed with your goals. We don’t have a dedicated marketing arm like the big guys, so we depend exclusively on word of mouth communication.
  2. For the more experienced developers out there, write a tutorial about how to accomplish something in the framework. We’ll be glad to attribute it to you and either link to your tutorial or host it on ThinWire’s website. While ThinWire is powerful, it is also quite different from the standard web development model, so anything that makes it easier for people to start using the framework effectively is very important. We want to keep focused on adding new capabilities and improving performance, so helping us in this area would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Build something cool with ThinWire and share it! We haven’t placed up a section for this yet, but we’d love to start collecting things that people in the community have built. Build a style sheet, build an app, build a compound component that’s useful… then send us screen shots and if you can, the code behind what you’ve done. We’ll gladly showcase it directly by hosting it on our website or indirectly by linking to a blog that you may have. Another thought along this line is to start an open-source project of your own, that focuses on building a useful tool with the framework. Examples might be, an admin console for Tomcat/MySQL/Etc., bug tracking software like Mantis or Bugzilla, a project management tool, a database query tool. The list of things that could be built with the framework are quite endless.
  4. Share your thoughts more openly in the discussion forums. We honestly want to incorporate all of your ideas into our plans… so make sure we know what your thinking. If you love the framework, but would love it more if it only had XYZ feature… then let us know.
  5. Encourage the company you work for to support our efforts by signing up for a support subscription. You can use the inquire form on the Products page to get a quote. All the income generated form support and related services goes directly back into working on the framework. The more companies we can get to directly support our development, the more developers we can dedicate to project and the better the support will be for everyone.

Happy Holidays!

That’s about all I have to say at this point, but I’m interested to hear any thoughts that you may have on how we should further grow this project. Thanks and I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.