After weeks of hard work from those on the ThinWire development team, we have finally released the much anticipated ThinWire Framework SDK! So go download it! And just like I mentioned in my last post… its Open Source under the GPL so that you can play with it to your hearts content. We’re still working out the details of our Commercial License, so stay tuned!

The SDK includes documentation, binary thinwire.jar, source (if you opt to download it), two demo applications and a slimmed down Apache Tomcat server to make your life easy. The whole package is around 5MB depending on whether you download the source. The good news is that the ThinWire.jar comes in at only 306k of that! In any case, check out the Mail Demo application that Ted Howard put together in his off hours over the last few weeks. It’s pretty darn neat and he’s already got some cool plans for the next version too!

As for the web site, we’re going to be adding more examples and documentation over the next couple weeks. Additionally, now that the SDK is available we’re going to be looking at different ways to get the word out about ThinWire. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Also, keep checking back on this blog for more information or just add the blog to your RSS feed reader so you can be up to date on ThinWire. Thanks for everyone’s interest in ThinWire, now go get the SDK and make some cool apps!