Well, this has been in the works since November and it’s finally arrived. An article I wrote last year titled Effective AJAX for Everyone ‘Including the Enterprise’, has just been published in the February edition of AJAXWorld magazine. The great thing about this is that you can go download the entire magazine for free, or view it online directly on AJAXWorld magazine website. The February edition is the one of the right with the title “AJAX On The Enterprise” on it’s cover. I’ve been told that the paper publication of the magazine will be available at your local news stand sometime in the next couple weeks. The prior edition appears to have made it to the Barns & Noble book stores, so keep an eye out for this latest volume:


On a related note, keep in mind that I’m going to be presenting at the AJAXWorld conference next month in New York City (March 19 – 21). So if you can, sign up for the conference and come talk to members from the ThinWire team in person. The topic I’m going to be covering is centered around the article that was just published in February’s edition, but it will be much more hands on and interactive.

Hope to see you all there!